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A three year-old boy has bought a £9,000 car on eBay using his mother’s account.

Rachel and John Neal first realised something was wrong when they received an email from the seller congratulating them on their new purchase.

“We couldn’t understand what was happening as neither of us had bought anything,” Rachel told The Sun.

“So we checked and saw it was a Barbie-pink car which we’d bought for £8,999. We flew into a panic.”

However, son Jack had gone to bed by that point and it was only when he woke up next day that he told them that he had “bought a car”.

The seller of the car, Worcester Road Motors in Stourport-on-Severn, said that it was the first auction it had ever set up on eBay.

Paul Jones, co-director of the dealership, saw the funny side of the sale and cancelled the bid. The car was relisted with a starting price of £7,999.

Comment: EBay is really becoming popular. Kids as young as three are making large money transactions. If i was the parents i would either be really proud to have a three year old genius, who understood that he had ‘brought a car’. Or really angry that he had done it anyway!.

£9000 car brought by three year old: Funny pic.

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