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British National Party Joke 1
A former BNP security officer has been fined for naming 12,000 members on the Internet.
Like many of you, I’m also shitting myself that my names popped up

British National Party Joke 2
A member of the BNP was rushed to an NHS hospital following a near fatal car accident.
“I don’t want any chinks, coons or pakis treating me”, he insisted.
Suffice to say, the daft cunt died.

British National Party Joke 3
After a leaked document was published online, BNP members have been targeted by threats.
Well, I’m in the BNP and I think the fucking threats should be sent back to Threatland.

British National Party Joke 4
After a successful advertising campaign at the French Open tennis, Nick Griffin has turned his attention to the Queens Club.

British National Party Joke 5
Anyone else find it funny that a group calling itself “Unite Against Fascism” wants to ban the BNP because they don’t agree with their views?

British National Party Joke 6
Apparently the 2 people that posted the list of the BNP have been caught . good old cops they may not have really done fuck all to stop knife crime in London but that’s just because there black and cops don’t normally hire or care for blacks . violent ,psychopathic right wing nuts on the other hand

British National Party Joke 7
Apparently, Osama Bin Laden has called off the latest strikes on Manchester….
He knows that any attacks on the dole queues will kill too many of his own.

British National Party Joke 8
BNP Leader Nick Griffin recently attended the Queen’s garden party.
Things were going fine until she asked him if he liked macaroons.
The required response was not, “They should all fuck off home.”

British National Party Joke 9
BNP leader Nick Griffin recently dismissed the Jewish holocaust as a myth.
In response, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks dismissed Griffin as a fantastical creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle.

British National Party Joke 10
BNP members are being ‘targeted by threats’, they claim its all black mail.

British National Party Joke 11
BNP Party Leader Nick Griffin is being sued by Cillit Bang for imitating their slogan “Bang! And The Dirt Is Gone” for his election campaign.

British National Party Joke 12
BNP: Putting ‘riot’ back into patriotism.

British National Party Joke 13
Did anyone else vote BNP today just so they could mark it with a swastika instead of a cross?
Or for that matter vote the Christian Party and mark it with a crucifix?

British National Party Joke 14
Does anyone else think that Nick Griffin had trouble with a “colour-by-numbers” book as a child?

British National Party Joke 15
‘Eight Neo-Nazis arrested in Israel.’
What next, BNP relocate to Bradford?

British National Party Joke 16
The UK’s equalities watchdog has begun legal action against the British National Party over concerns about ethnic restrictions on its membership.
I wonder just how many Blacks, Arabs, Pakis and Muslims are disappointed that their application to join the BNP was rejected?

British National Party Joke 17
Has anybody else noticed that only white people attend Anti Fascist rallies?
Seems to me that black people just don’t give a shit.

British National Party Joke 18
Hello there, I am a black, ginger, homosexual, Jewish shemale of Pakistani origin, I was just wondering if you could tell me where the local BNP recruitment center is?

British National Party Joke 19
HIV is a friendly disease.
After all, it kills blacks, gays and drug users.
What’s the problem?

British National Party Joke 20
I am absolutely appalled by the BNP’s policy of not letting black people into the party.
Expecting women to do all the cleaning is just sexist.

British National Party Joke 21
I couldn’t help thinking why don’t the BNP merge with the UK independence party.
Then I remembered, they can’t stand anything slightly different.

British National Party Joke 22
I couldn’t make my mind up so just voted for whichever was first on the ballot paper.
Someone really should start a party beginning with ‘A’.

British National Party Joke 23
I didn’t vote for the BNP due to the sheer audacity of a racist party to field a leader who didn’t even have blonde hair and blue eyes.

British National Party Joke 24
I don’t blame Yorkshire for electing a BNP member. If someone was going to PAY me to leave the country I’d vote for them too.

British National Party Joke 25
I just heard a conversation on the bus about Nick Griffin.
A griffin, isn’t that half lion, and half eagle?
The leader of the BNP has a mixed race surname, what is this country coming to?

British National Party Joke 26
I see BNP leader Nick Griffin got pelted with eggs today.
They should have thrown black pudding.

British National Party Joke 27
I see the BNP had a party to celebrate their recent election success in of all places Blackpool.
I would have thought Whitehaven was more their kind of place.

British National Party Joke 28
I think they should make Big Brother more entertaining and put a celeb in the house. Nick Griffin would certainly make it more entertaining.

British National Party Joke 29
I voted up a BNP joke the other day …
He’s now an MEP.

British National Party Joke 30
I was going to join the BNP, until I found out it didn’t stand for British National Party. Then I thought, ‘Fuck it’ Ban Niggers and Pakis is near enough.

British National Party Joke 31
I was going to vote BNP in this year’s European elections.
But then I remembered that I didn’t like Polls.

British National Party Joke 32
I was looking forward to my first BNP meeting. Imagine my surprise when, thanks to my dyslexia, I attended a BP meeting by mistake – non of the Black Panthers seemed particularly pleased with any of my banners or my ‘wogs out’ badges. Picky cunts.

British National Party Joke 33
I woke up this morning feeling a bit off colour
So I got up and joined the BNP.

British National Party Joke 34
If the BNP are so worried about foreigners, why do they all go to the Costa Del Sol to try and look like one?

British National Party Joke 35
If there’s something weird. In your neighborhood.
Who you gonna call?
Nick Griffin.

British National Party Joke 36
In some ways, you have admire BNP leader Nick Griffin.
He’s not afraid to call a spade a nigger.

British National Party Joke 37
Is it just me that thinks the egg throwing would have been better if they told Nick Griffin that they came from foreign chickens?

British National Party Joke 38
Isn’t it terrible that the BNP won 2 seats in the European Parliament.
Still, at least they didn’t let any Pakis in.

British National Party Joke 39
It’s just been announced that the British National Party are to go into the call center business:
Press 1 to speak in English
Press 2 to be disconnected until you learn to speak English

British National Party Joke 40
I’ve just been on the phone to Nick Griffin after the egging outside parliament. He was fuming. They didn’t separate the whites first.

British National Party Joke 41
Just saw the new BNP policy on immigration
“Catch it, Kill it, Bin it”

British National Party Joke 42
My girlfriend’s doing a fun run for the BNP – Racist For Life.

British National Party Joke 43
Nick Griffin should at least be happy that he got pelted by British farm eggs

British National Party Joke 44
Radio phone-ins – gotta love-em.
Ist caller “How can you be proud of voting for the BNP? Is this what your grandfather fought for?”
2nd caller “It’s EXACTLY what my grandfather fought for. He settled in Birmingham after the war after his Heinkel was shot down and he was made a POW.”

British National Party Joke 45
Seems odd that, for people who hate foreigners so much, the BNP are awfully proud to be going to Europe.

British National Party Joke 46
So the BNP is against European unification?
Strange – Hitler didn’t seem to think it was a bad idea…

British National Party Joke 47
Susan Boyle must hate Diversity more than Nick Griffin.

British National Party Joke 48
The BBC is facing protests after inviting the British National Party to appear on Question Time.
I bet Nick Griffin’s looking forward to wearing his “KICK RAGHEADS OUT OF BRITAIN” t-shirt.

British National Party Joke 49
The BNP do make a good case for the European election.
The bit where Nick Griffin said, “We’re not racist!” convinced me.

British National Party Joke 50
The BNP have been accused of trying to bribe voters.
If they get in, they’ve promised the whole country an Indian takeaway.

British National Party Joke 51
The BNP representing us in Europe.
A bit like sending a KKK member into a Black power meeting, fucking great.
You just know its wrong but you wanna watch anyway.

British National Party Joke 52
More holes in our policies than the average household sieve

British National Party Joke 53
The leader of the British National Party has said he will now not be attending a Buckingham Palace garden party following uproar over his invitation.
Nick Griffin said he had “no wish to embarrass the Queen” at the event which now only leaves Prince Phillip left to chant “Hitler was right” and “Who’s the Paki in the corner”.
Also apparently Mr Griffin was already “double booked” having to attend the annual KKK barbeque and sponsored lynching fund raiser at the Millwall Football Club with this years guest speaker Lenny Henry.

British National Party Joke 54
Tip of the week-
When the BNP post window posters through your letter box, don’t hesitate to put it in your window, when the cunts from the local takeaway’s come posting shite, they’ll think twice about putting one through your letter box.

British National Party Joke 55
To the black people of the UK.
really piss the BNP off by creating your own political party and use the initials BNP.
I suggest keeping the British and Party bits and the N word will have to be something that the rest of the UK can easily identify you with.
I’m sure you’ll think of a word.

British National Party Joke 56
Truthfully, how many of us voted for BNP, just to piss of the colored people?

British National Party Joke 57
Unlike most political parties, the BNP have the courage of their convictions.
Mainly for inciting racial hatred.

British National Party Joke 58
Went on the main BNP website today and realized I never knew how racist they were before. Also never knew they were sponsored by a t-shirt site either.

British National Party Joke 59
What’s the difference between the BNP and the British royal family?
One’s a group of racist Nazi’s that don’t believe in democracy…
The other’s the BNP.

British National Party Joke 60
What’s the similarity between an alleyway in London and an Olympic racing track?
Gunshot and ten blacks running.

British National Party Joke 61
What’s the trouble with BNP football team?
They’re all right wings.

British National Party Joke 62
When rats desert the sinking ship
With Labour all at sea
The great white hope’s not Tory
But fucking BNP.

British National Party Joke 63
Why do all BNP protesters look the same, dirty, smelly bastards who live off taxpayers money.
Fucking students
I’ll have you know that I’m a student and I have to insist on disagreeing with your completely unreasonable and offensive statement. I hope you issue an apology at least. For the record, us students are dirty, smelly bastards who live off our PARENT’S MONEY.
Yeah, and I object to all students being called BNP protesters. I’m a student and a committed racist.

British National Party Joke 64
With the BNP list being produced.
Now is there any list I’m not on?

British National Party Joke 65
You can’t beat the wisdom of old people!
Earlier on I was talking to my grandad about the BNP. I said, “What is it that makes people hate like that?”
He said, “Poofs and blacks”.

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