Aardvark Joke 1
What is uglier than an aardvark? Two aardvarks!

Aardvark Joke 2
What does the aardvark call his dog? Aard-bark!

Aardvark Joke 3
What is the difference between an aardvark and a coyote? One has a long smeller, the other, a loud yeller!

Aardvark Joke 4
Who loves hamburgers, French fries, and ants? Ronald MacAardvark!

Aardvark Joke 5
What does an aardvark keep in his aquarium? An aard-shark!

Aardvark Joke 6
What does an aardvark get when he overeats? Ant-digestion!

Aardvark Joke 7
What does an aardvark take for ant-digestion? Anta-Seltzer!

Aardvark Joke 8
Who’s the aardvark’s favorite female vocalist? Bearbara Streis-ant!

Aardvark Joke 9
Who’s aardvark’s favorite male singer? Frank Sinostril!

Aardvark Joke 10
What are the aardvark’s favorite Beatle’s songs? It’s Been an Aards Day’s Night and I Want to Hold Your Ant!

Aardvark Joke 11
What’s worse than a giraffe with a sore throat? An aardvark with the sniffles!

Aardvark Joke 12
What does an aardvark use when he has a cold? An ant-ihistamine!

Aardvark Joke 13
What command does the aardvark give most often when he sails? Snout about!

Aardvark Joke 14
What does the aardvark take sailing? An aard ark!

Aardvark Joke 15
How do ants hide from aardvarks? They disguise themselves as uncles!

Aardvark Joke 16
Why do aardvarks like to talk to ants? They can stick to the subject!

Aardvark Joke 17
Why was Easter the aardvark’s favorite holiday? Because he liked aard-boiled eggs!

Aardvark Joke 18
What has 200 legs, 50 noses, and is very loud? A herd of stampeding aardvarks!

Aardvark Joke 19
Where does the aardvark family always come first? In the phone book!

Aardvark Joke 20
What do you call a boxing match between two aardvarks? A snout bout!

Aardvark Joke 21
What do you call an aardvark that’s just won a fight? A well aardvark!

Aardvark Joke 22
What do you call an aardvark that’s just lost a fight? A vark!

Aardvark Joke 23
What do you call an aardvark that’s been thrown out of a pub? A barredvark!

Aardvark Joke 24
What do you call an aardvark outside Buckingham Palace? A guardvark!

Aardvark Joke 25
What do you call an aardvark in a frying pan? A lardvark!

Aardvark Joke 26
What do you call a pickled aardvark? A jarredvark!

Aardvark Joke 27
What do you call an aardvark that plays poker? A cardvark!

Aardvark Joke 28
What do you call a thick-skinned aardvark? A hardvark!

Aardvark Joke 29
What do you call an aardvark good with a light saber? A darthvark!

Aardvark Joke 30
What do you call an aardvark that writes poems? A bardvark!

Aardvark Joke 31
Why can elephants swim – and aardvarks can t? Aardvarks don’t have trunks!

Aardvark Joke 32
What did the aardvark say when he lost the race to the ant? If you can’t beat em, eat em!

Aardvark Joke 33
Who won the animal race? The giraffe and the aardvark were running neck and neck, but the aardvark won by a nose!

Aardvark Joke 34
Why does mama aardvark call her husband a cannibal? Because he ate his ant for dinner!

Aardvark Joke 35
When is an aardvark jumpy? When he’s got ants in his pants!

Aardvark Joke 36
Why do aardvarks make undesirable neighbors? Because they always have their noses in other people’s business!

Aardvark Joke 37
What do you call a three-footed aardvark? A yardvark!

Aardvark Joke 38
What do you call an road construction aardvark? A tarredvark!

Aardvark Joke 39
What do you call an aardvark astronaut? A starredvark!

Aardvark Joke 40
What do you call an aardvark that’s good at golf? A paredvark!

Aardvark Joke 41
How many aardvarks can ride on an elephant? Six… three on the back and three in the trunk!

Aardvark Joke 42
What did the impatient waiter ask the gluttonous aardvark? Is that your final ant, sir!

Aardvark Joke 43
What do you call a Polish aardvark? A Polaark!

Aardvark Joke 44
Who has a long nose, wears a mask, and sits tall in the saddle? The Lone Aardvark!

Aardvark Joke 45
Who is the Lone Aardvark’s faithful Indian companion? Tanto

Aardvark Joke 46
Two aardvarks watched in amazement as a firework flashed across the sky. 1st aardvark: Wow! I wish I could fly like that. 2nd aardvark: You would, if your tail was on fire.

Aardvark Joke 47
I’ve got a new aardvark. Would you like to play with him? I don’t really know. I’ve heard it growling, it doesn’t sound very friendly. Does it bite? That’s what I want to find out.

Aardvark Joke 48
What has six legs, two arms, four eyes and a tail? A man holding an aardvark.

Aardvark Joke 49
A man wanted a new aardvark so he looked through the classified ads. He phoned a number he found and an elderly lady answered. “How much are your aardvarks?” he asked. “They re L6 each,” came the reply. “Did you raise them yourself?” inquired the man. “Oh yes,” she said, “Yesterday they were only L5 each.”

Aardvark Joke 50
How do you define an aardvark? Aan aanimal that resembles an aanteater!

Aardvark Joke 51
Which aardvark holds the speed record? The nearsighted aardvark, who wrapped his tongue around a motorcycle!

Aardvark Joke 52
Did you hear about the household appliance that eats ants and records TV shows? It’s the VCRdvard

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