Hamburger Jokes

When can you count on a hamburger in an emergency? When the chips are down!

Hamburger Joke 1
Are hamburgers male? Yes, because they re boygers, not girlgers!

Hamburger Joke 2
Can a hamburger marry a hot dog? Only if they have a very frank relationship!

Hamburger Joke 3
Do hamburgers make good vampires? No, because they always find themselves in ghoulash situations!

Hamburger Joke 4
How are UFO’s related to hamburgers? Both are Unidentified Frying Objects!

Hamburger Joke 5
How did the jury find the hamburger? Grill-ty as charred!

Hamburger Joke 6
How do gossipy hamburgers spend their time? They chew the fat.

Hamburger Joke 7
How do they prevent crime in hamburger country? With burger alarms!

Hamburger Joke 8
How do we know that hamburgers love classic music? They re often found at the Meatropolitan Opera House and Cownegie Hall!

Hamburger Joke 9
How do you insult a hamburger patty? Call it a meatball!

Hamburger Joke 10
How do you make a hamburger green? Find a yellow cheeseburger and mix it with a blue one!

Hamburger Joke 11
How do you make a hamburger smile? Pickle it gently!

Hamburger Joke 12
Why do hamburgers act brilliantly on stage? They give meaty performances – especially if they are in their prime!

Hamburger Joke 13
Why do hamburgers feel sad at barbecues? They get to meet their old flames!

Hamburger Joke 14
Why do hamburgers make good baseball players? They re great at the plate!

Hamburger Joke 15
Why do hamburgers make poor pigeons? They won’t talk no matter how you grill them!

Hamburger Joke 16
Why do the hamburgers beat the hot dogs at every sport they play? Because hot dogs are the wurst!

Hamburger Joke 17
Why is President Carter important to Hamburger Land in April? One the opening day of the baseball season, he throws out the first meatball!

Hamburger Joke 18
How do we know hamburgers have high IQ s? They loin fast!

Hamburger Joke 19
How was the hamburger murdered? First it was rolled, then smothered in onions

Hamburger Joke 20
In what school subjects does the teacher say, Well done, hamburgers ? A wide range of subjects – meatyeval, history, meatematics and word grill.

Hamburger Joke 21
Is it proper to eat a hamburger with your fingers? No, you should eat your fingers separately!

Hamburger Joke 22
Is there a way to make a hamburger do the Hula? Sure, order a burger and a shake!

Hamburger Joke 23
Seriously, when the crooked hamburger took it on the 1am, where did it go? Heidelburg-er, Germany!

Hamburger Joke 24
What are some outstanding hamburger colleges? Brandeis, Cowlifornia State, Hoofstra, Pen State, Ranchelaer Polytechnic, Burgereley and Moosouri!

Hamburger Joke 25
What did the hamburger say when it found out that most people liked hamburgers better than frankfurters? Hot dog!

Hamburger Joke 26
What did the hamburger say when it pleaded not guilty ? I’ve been flamed!

Hamburger Joke 27
What did the hamburgers say to the butcher who acted on a TV show? Welcome back, Cutter!

Hamburger Joke 28
What did they call it when NHL officials refused to allow a hamburger to play hockey in the league? Rink injustice!

Hamburger Joke 29
What do hamburger workers say on Monday morning? Well, it’s back to the old grind!

Hamburger Joke 30
What famous movie did the hamburger meat think of when they took it out of the freezer? They Fry Who Cam in from the Cold!

Hamburger Joke 31
What great song is associated with hamburgers and baseball? Steak Me Out to the Ballgame !

Hamburger Joke 32
What is a hamburger’s favourite story? Hansel and Gristle!

Hamburger Joke 33
What is the hamburgers most familiar song? Home on the Range !

Hamburger Joke 34
What is the hamburgers motto? If at first you don’t succeed, fry, fry again!

Hamburger Joke 35
What kind of company is a 24 hours hamburger joint? Fry-by-night!

Hamburger Joke 36
What kind of girl does a hamburger like? Any girl named Patty!

Hamburger Joke 37
What system do they teach in Hamburger High’s math courses? The meatric system, silly!

Hamburger Joke 38
When can you count on a hamburger in an emergency? When the chips are down!

Hamburger Joke 39
When do hamburgers most enjoy watching TV? During PRIME time!

Hamburger Joke 40
When does a hamburger wear a look like a smile button? When somebody says, Well done !

Hamburger Joke 41
When the crooked hamburger took it on the lamb , where did it go? Oh, ewe know!

Hamburger Joke 42
Which baseball team is currently the favourite with hamburger fans? The Cincinnati Reds -because they re the Big Bread Machine!

Hamburger Joke 43
Which type of comedy leaves a hamburger cold? BITING humour!

Hamburger Joke 44
Who are the hamburgers favourite people? Vegetarians!

Hamburger Joke 45
Who do hamburgers love on TV? Archie Bunker’s son-in-law, the meathead!

Hamburger Joke 46
Who is the hamburgers favourite actress? Candice Berger!

Hamburger Joke 47
Why are hamburgers essential to football? Because the game is played on a griddle-iron!

Hamburger Joke 48
Why can any hamburger run the mile in under four minutes? Because it’s a FAST food!

Hamburger Joke 49
Why did the pro football player from the last-place team drop pieces of hamburger into his soup? He wanted to know how it felt to take part in a Soup-er Bowl!

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