Horse Burger Jokes

Horse Burger Jokes

Don’t take these horse burger jokes too seriously, it’s not like the supermarkets have been feeding us animals many keep as beloved pets!

Horse Burger Joke 1
There’s a new low cost burger released to celebrate the Grand National called “My Lidl Pony”!

Horse Burger Joke 2
The mane news this week is Tesco released a new range of low coast burgers with the TV ad campaign slogan “And They’re Off”!

Horse Burger Joke 3
Dozens of Tesco and Iceland customers were hospitalised after eating a horse meat burger, their condition is said to be stable.

Horse Burger Joke 4
In a recent Twitter poll people were asked “Is eating horse burgers bad your you”? 51% voted “aye” and 49% voted “neigh”, it was a photo finish!

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