School Bus Jokes

School Bus Jokes

10 preposterously funny school bus jokes to enjoy on your way to expanding your mind while on the journey to school.

School Bus Joke 1
Why didn’t anyone take the school bus to school?
It wouldn’t fit through the door.

School Bus Joke 2
What’s yellow and can’t float?
A school bus full of children!

School Bus Joke 3
How did the explorers get to school?
They rode the Colum-bus!

School Bus Joke 4
The Hogwarts train was canceled due to snow on the tracks, fortunately Harry Potter was able to take the Magic School Bus replacement service to school.

School Bus Joke 5
Do your school buses run on time?
No, they run on diesel.

School Bus Joke 6
What is yellow and can’t swim?
A school bus full of kids.

School Bus Joke 7
Janet: What’s the difference between a cake and a school bus?
Jill: I don’t know.
Janet: I’m glad I didn’t send you to pick up my birthday cake!

School Bus Joke 8
Why did little Timmy drop his ice cream cone?
He got hit by a school bus.

School Bus Joke 9
Your mama is so fat that when she wears yellow, kids run after her thinking they missed the school bus!

School Bus Joke 10
What’s the difference between a school bus and my Dad’s van?
Schools buses usually don’t have screaming and crying children!

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