Whats the difference between an Emo and a puppy?
The puppy stops whining once it gets to the park.

Whats the difference between an emo and a tennis ball?
The tennis ball bounces if you throw it off of a tall building.

Why did the man bury the emo kids alive?
Because he had heard that although on the surface they are rather annoying,deep down they are quite nice people.

An emo kid goes to the library and says to the clerk,’Excuse me, have you got any books on suicide?’
And the clerk replies,’Well,we used to. But you f**kers never bring them back!

How do you know if an emo has locked themselves in your garage?
Because you can hear your car engine running and you can’t find your water hose.

Whats the difference between an emo and a pinyata?
The pinyata is beaten by a crowd with big sticks AFTER it has been hung!

Did you know that all emos want to leave this world the same way they entered it?
Screaming in terror and covered in blood!

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