There was this international contest for the best life insurance policy. Bob Barker was the

Contestant No. 1 (from an American firm):

“I will insure your child from birth to death.”

Bob Barker smiles and says, “Let’s hear it for good old American values.”

Audience claps.

Contestant No. 2 (from a German firm):

“I will insure your child from womb to

Bob Barker smiles again and says, “There you go.”

Contestant No. 3 (from an English firm):
“I will top them all. I will insure your child, Bob from conception to expiration.”

Bob Barker ahhs and the audience is prompted to ahh with him.

Contestant No. 4 (from a Japanese firm):

“I will insure your child (whips out a chart) from sperm to worm.”

Audience hoots. Bob Barker almost dies.

Contestant No. 5. (The Filipino. A dignified 5’2″ executive with a slight beer belly, wearing a polo barong, of course, and holding an imitation leather clutch bag:

“I will insure your child sir, from erection to resurrection!

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