Kim Jong Il Joke 1
All I ask is that the Team America Kim Jong-il appears in the sentimental “Those We’ve Lost…” montage in next year’s Oscars.

Kim Jong Il Joke 2
America has had to deal with eccentric dictators in the past: Idi Amin, Muammar Qaddafi, Ming the Merciless… but now the security of the world is threatened by Kim Jong-il, a nerdy, pompadoured, platform shoe-wearer who looks like something you’d put on the end of your child’s pencil.

Kim Jong Il Joke 3
Can’t wait to see Piers Morgan’s obit to Kim Jong-il. “she was one of greatest Korean leaders”… Cut to VT

Kim Jong Il Joke 4
Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is, quote, “a pervert.” When Kim Jong Il heard that, he said tell her to say it again slowly while licking her lips.

Kim Jong Il Joke 5
I know crazy dudes who wear women’s sunglasses always die in threes, but did we start counting with Gaddafi or Al Davis?

Kim Jong Il Joke 6
I think the people who will suffer the most from Kim’s death are the contestants who were due to be on Korean Come Dine With Me this week.

Kim Jong Il Joke 7
I’ll never forget that time Kim Jong-Il sent me a picture of himself lighting a fart on the London Eye. RIP you hopeless romantic.

Kim Jong Il Joke 8
I’m confused: CNN says Kim Jong-Il is dead, but N. Korean press says he’s currently fighting a 100-ft. tall U.S. super-robot.

Kim Jong Il Joke 9
Kim Jong Il is dead but we still have to take care of Kourtney Jong Il and Khloe Jong Il before we can rejoice.

Kim Jong Il Joke 10
Kim Jong Il’s family has requested that in lieu of flowers, mourners please just be quiet and remember their place.

Kim Jong Il Joke 11
Kim Jong-il spent millions on pointless public spectacle ignoring his people’s needs. Now he’s dead we can get on with enjoying the Olympics

Kim Jong Il Joke 12
Looking at a photo of Kim Jong Il “That is one angry lesbian.”

Kim Jong Il Joke 13
News reports state Kim Jong-il has died of fatigue. Except in North Korea where articles say he died “of being too awesome.”

Kim Jong Il Joke 14
Nick Clegg already negotiating with Kim Jong-un to form coalition government.

Kim Jong Il Joke 15
Oh great, there’s now a dictator of a nuclear power the same age as me. More ammunition for my mother this Christmas.

Kim Jong Il Joke 16
Rahm Emanuel honorarily renames Chicago to Kim Jong, IL

Kim Jong Il Joke 17
Sad to read in the North Korean news this morning that Kim Jong Il has died defending his country from a giant fire breathing lizard attack.

Kim Jong Il Joke 18
The administration says that taking military action against North Korea all depends on whether or not their plutonium has any oil.

Kim Jong Il Joke 19
The Globe reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il raises money by selling fake Viagra pills. What it is about this guy? None of his missiles seem to launch.

Kim Jong Il Joke 20
with this spate of famous deaths, spare a thought for the poor journalists who signed off their ‘review of 2011’ pieces on Friday.

Kim Jong Il Joke 21
Someone has pointed out that Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il have all died this year. Maybe Team America does exist…

Kim Jong Il Joke 22
Kim Jong il is dead. Looks like his Korea is over.

Kim Jong Il Joke 23
We made every Kim Jong-Il joke there was to make. I’m sure North Korea will appreciate it once they get the Internet.

Kim Jong Il Joke 24
Everyone is being very brave with their Kim Jong-Il jokes now that he’s dead, please don’t kill me :-)

RIP Kim Jong Il

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