Hard to believe, but I found over 10 not too bad manhole jokes on Google, who knew manhole cover jokes were a thing!

Manhole Jokes

Manhole Joke 1
If someone kills their self by jumping down a manhole, is it sewercide?

Manhole Joke 2
Why are manhole covers round?
Because if they were square, you couldn’t play twiddlywinks with them.

Manhole Joke 3
What do you do if a lady pushes you into a manhole?

Manhole Joke 4
What did the block mason say before he fired his employee for doing a poor job making sewer covers?
I’m about to end his manhole’s career

Manhole Joke 5
Why did Kermit The Frog lift off a manhole cover and dive in?
He was kermitting sewercide.

Manhole Joke 6
Why do women wear panties?
The health and safety act of 1974 clearly states: (4)(b)1: All manholes must be covered when not in use.

Manhole Joke 7
There was a body of a man found in a manhole in New York.
Authorities determined his death was a sewercide.

Manhole Joke 8
A drunk was looking inside an open manhole yelling 15, 15, 15, 15.
A man hears the commotion and goes toward the drunk. He also looks inside the manhole to see what’s going on. The drunk kicks him inside…
16, 16, 16, 16

Manhole Joke 9
Why did the Christian convert quit his job at the sewer company?
Because entering manholes was no longer his thing.

Manhole Joke 10
Why are manhole covers round?
Because manholes are round.

Manhole Joke 11
Why are sewer covers called manholes?
If they were called womanholes, guys would keep trying to get in.

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