I was nearing the final stages of my college preparation to become an elementary school teacher. During my Junior Year we were required to visit several classrooms of varying grades to get a feel for what we were getting ourselves into.

Males in elementary education are a rarity and I soon learned that the children thought it was really neat to see a male at school that was not the principal. I will never forget my first visit to a kindergarten class room. These little tots were dying to ask me questions and tell me things about themselves.

One little boy raised his hand and I went over to him. He VERY seriously said, “My granddaddy is going to kill himself.”

Caught COMPLETELY off guard, I struggled for what to say to him. I finally managed, “I’m sure he’s not gonna kill himself.”

He replied, “Oh yes he is…Momma said if he doesn’t quit lifting things that are too heavy, he’s gonna kill himself.”

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