What is 69ing or Doing 69?
A 69 is an oral sex position where both sexual partners kiss, lick, suck their partners genitals for sexual gratification. It’s called a 69 because the numbers 6 and 9 represent two people lay head to toe.

Funny 69 Jokes

Funny 69 Joke 1
69% of people will find something sexual in this sentence!

Funny 69 Joke 2
Karma is like 69.
You get what you give.

Funny 69 Jokes
Funny 69 Jokes

Funny 69 Joke 3
My husband keeps insisting we try 69, but I think we should keep the thermostat at 72 degrees this winter.

Funny 69 Joke 4
Blink 182 – Maroon 5 + 69 + 420 = 666

Funny 69 Joke 5
Why can Miss Piggy only count to 68?
When she gets to 69, she gets a frog in her throat.

Funny 69 Joke 6
6yr old Daughter: “Daddy, what is 69?”
Daddy: “It’s just a number dear.”
Daughter: “It’s no wonder Mommy left you!”

Funny 69 Joke 7
Never ask a 69 year old to act their age!

Funny 69 Joke 8
Our Math teacher asked the class “What comes after 69”?
Mouthwash was the wrong answer.

Funny 69 Joke 9
If you’re ever worried there’s an intruder in your home, shout 69 down the stairs, if no one laughs, there’s no one there.

Funny 69 Joke 10
What’s better than 69?
77, you get 8 more.

69 Sex Jokes

69 Sex Joke 1
69, a dream come true for some, a bloody nightmare for others!

69 Sex Joke 2
I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to 69 tonight?
She said 24 was the most guys she’s done in a night!

69 Sex Joke 3
It’s never EVER a good idea to fart during a 69.
That’s how they found me underneath their bed!

69 Sex Jokes
69 Sex Jokes

69 Sex Joke 4
What comes after 69?

69 Sex Joke 5
Some call a 69 nasty!
Some see it as a nice romantic dinner for 2.

69 Sex Joke 6
Saw two drug addicts having a 69 in the local park last night.
He was on crack, she was on blow.

69 Sex Joke 7
The wife and I had a .69 last night, would have been a hundred times better without the period!

69 Sex Joke 8
On our 25th wedding anniversary I asked my wife to 69 for the first time.
She yawned and said, “how about instead of 69 we 96 instead?”
I got really excited, “We’ve never done that before, how does it work?”
Her annoyed reply was “Well, you lay that way and I lay this way, and then we go the hell to sleep!”

69 Sex Joke 9
My girlfriend and I parked in a quiet road for a bit of fun when a policeman caught us.
He gave me a ticket for doing 69 in a 30mph zone.

69 Sex Joke 10
If I had a dollar for every time I unnecessarily sexualized a sentence I’d have 69 dollars.

69 Position Jokes

69 Position Jokes
69 Position Jokes

69 Position Joke 1
The 69 position, why men invented mouthwash.

69 Position Joke 2
Son: “Dad what is 69?”
Dad: “Hmm, well son, it’s a position where a man and a woman pleasure each other orally at the same time”.
Son: “Should I write odd or even?”

69 Position Joke 3
I asked my grandma if she had ever tried position 69?
She said, “No, but I have done 49: that’s all the sailors I could screw in one night”

69 Position Joke 4
Say it with a 69, flowers are for pussies -nice!

69 Position Joke 5
Position 69, when a man truly loves a woman.

69 Position Joke 6
What’s the difference between 69 and 6.9?
6.9 is a great sex position interrupted by a period.

Jokes on 69

Jokes on 69 1
OK, I get all the cool numbers like 420 is a weed thing and 69 is a sex thing and 9:45 is my bedtime.

Jokes on 69 2
I get it Bryan Adams, it was the summer of 69, but what was the year?

Jokes on 69 3
Am I the only retailer who adjusts their prices, so with hot customers I say “That will be one sixty-nine please”.

Jokes on 69 4
Dad: “Son, I’m thinking of a numb-“
Before he could finish his son replied: “69”
Dad starts flailing his arms in excitement, “SEE, HONEY, HE’S A GOD DAMN WIZARD!”

Jokes on 69 5
Girl are you the moon landing cuz you were faking it in 69!

Jokes on 69 6
I just did my taxes. I put $420.69 on every line, 6 IRS agents just showed up at my door with a beer keg, 3 strippers and giant foam fingers.

Jokes on 69 7
My Dad told me that when he was at school he deliberately got himself held back a year TWICE just so he could graduate in the class of 69.

Jokes on 69 8
What’s a 68?
You do me and I’ll owe you ONE!

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