69 Sex Jokes

69 Sex Jokes

Here’s 10 nice 69 sex jokes, come back in a few months and I’ll add the missing 59 sex jokes by then.

69 Sex Joke 1
What comes after 69?

69 Sex Joke 2
If I had a dollar for every time I unnecessarily sexualized a sentence I’d have 69 dollars.

69 Sex Joke 3
Some call a 69 nasty!
Some see it as a nice romantic dinner for 2.

69 Sex Joke 4
On our 25th wedding anniversary I asked my wife to 69 for the first time.
She yawned and said, “how about instead of 69 we 96 instead?”
I got really excited, “We’ve never done that before, how does it work?”
Her annoyed reply was “Well, you lay that way and I lay this way, and then we go the hell to sleep!”

69 Sex Joke 5
69, a dream come true for some, a bloody nightmare for others!

69 Sex Joke 6
My girlfriend and I parked in a quiet road for a bit of fun when a policeman caught us.
He gave me a ticket for doing 69 in a 30mph zone.

69 Sex Joke 7
It’s never EVER a good idea to fart during a 69.
That’s how they found me underneath their bed!

69 Sex Joke 8
The wife and I had a .69 last night, would have been a hundred times better without the period!

69 Sex Joke 9
I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to 69 tonight?
She said 24 was the most guys she’s done in a night!

69 Sex Joke 10
Saw two drug addicts having a 69 in the local park last night.
He was on crack, she was on blow.

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