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Funny Weather Puns

Funny Weather Pun 1
He was hit on the head during a hail storm and was knocked out cold.

Funny Weather Pun 2
How do hurricanes know where they’re going?
They look with their eye!

Funny Weather Pun 3
It was a terrible summer for Humpty Dumpty… but he had a great fall.

Funny Weather Pun 4
Lightning storms can be very striking.

Funny Weather Pun 5
News of a coming flood was leaked.

Funny Weather Pun 6
People using umbrellas always seem to be under the weather.

Funny Weather Puns
Funny Weather Puns

Funny Weather Pun 7
What’s the difference between weather and climate?
You can’t weather a tree, but you can climate.

Funny Weather Pun 8
What falls but never hits the ground?
The temperature.

Funny Weather Pun 9
What kind of shorts do clouds wear?

Funny Weather Pun 10
Why did the cloud stay at home?
It was feeling under the weather.

Funny Weather Pun 11
Why did the woman go outdoors with her purse open?
Because she expected some change in the weather.

Funny Weather Pun 12
Did you hear about those really bad storms that hit that boy scout camp over night?
They were in tents

Cold Weather Puns

Cold Weather Puns
Cold Weather Puns

Cold Weather Pun 1
The weather forecast was for freezing rain, and sure enough it was an ice day.

Cold Weather Pun 2
The snowstorm arrived at a fortuitous moment.
It was white on time.

Cold Weather Pun 3
What is the opposite of a cold front?
A warm back!

Cold Weather Pun 4
How do you find Will Smith in a snowstorm?
Follow the fresh prints.

Cold Weather Pun 5
Cold winter weather is snow laughing matter!

Cold Weather Pun 6
Why is winter the least popular time of year for a wedding?
Because the grooms always get cold feet!

Cold Weather Pun 7
I’m trying to break the ice with you, but you keep giving me the cold shoulder.

Cold Weather Pun 8
What did the snow plow guy say when his equipment broke down?
Take this job and shovel it!

Cold Weather Pun 9
What do you call a dollar bill frozen in ice?
Cold, hard cash!

Cold Weather Pun 10
What do you call a bunch of kids who spent all afternoon in the snow?

Cold Weather Pun 11
What do you call a playlist with the songs “Jingle Bells,” “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and “Let it Snow” on it?
A wintry mix!

Cold Weather Pun 12
What do you call it when it gets so cold that the cash machine won’t function?
A spending freeze!

Cold Weather Pun 13
When someone wishes me a “Happy Winter,” it always leaves me cold.

Cold Weather Pun 14
Mother knows best, and when winter comes, Mother Nature snows best.

Cold Weather Pun 15
For those of us who live in northern climates, winter is snow problem.

Rain Weather Puns

Rain Weather Puns
Rain Weather Puns

Rain Weather Pun 1
Cows lie down in the rain to keep each udder dry.

Rain Weather Pun 2
How does a spy avoid the rain?
He goes undercover.

Rain Weather Pun 3
If it really rained cats and dogs, there would be poodles all over the streets.

Rain Weather Pun 4
Local weather reports state there won’t be any rain for 1 year, but I drought it.

Rain Weather Pun 5
What did one raindrop say to the other?
Two’s company, three’s a cloud.

Rain Weather Pun 6
What do you call a bear caught out in the rain?
A drizzily bear.

Rain Weather Pun 7
When does it rain money?
When there’s a “change” in weather!

Rain Weather Pun 8
When it rains chickens and ducks?
You could say it’s Fowl weather.

Rain Weather Pun 9
What do you call dangerous precipitation?
A rain of terror!

Rain Weather Pun 10
It only rains twice a year in Seattle: August through April and May through July.

Rain Weather Pun 11
Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?
Because then the children have to play inside

Rain Weather Pun 12
What do you call a month’s worth of rain?

Rain Weather Pun 13
What is a Queens favorite kind of precipitation?

Rain Weather Pun 14
What’s the difference between a horse and the weather?
One is reined up and the other rains down.

Hot Weather Puns

Hot Weather Pun 1
I received a message from the sun, it was enlightening.

Hot Weather Pun 2
I’m going to be discussing global warming next week, it’s quite a heated topic.

Hot Weather Pun 3
It was so hot the other day that even the mosquitoes were dropping like flies.

Hot Weather Pun 4
The hottest day of the week is Sun-day.

Hot Weather Pun 5
There’s a technical term for a sunny, warm day which follows two rainy days.
It’s called Monday.

Puns About Windy Weather

Windy Weather Pun 1
Did you hear of the story about the tornado?
There is a twist at the end.

Windy Weather Pun 2
What did the tornado say to the sports car?
Let’s go for a spin!

Windy Weather Pun 3
Why do hurricanes travel so fast?
Because if they traveled slowly, we’d have to call them slow-i-canes.

Windy Weather Pun 4
Where is a tornado put in jail to be punished?
In a high pressure cell

Weather Puns

Weather Pun 1
The weather bureau is an umbrella organization.

Weather Pun 2
If your mind is clouded or in a fog you may have mist some opportunities.

Weather Pun 3
When the fog burns off it won’t be mist.

Weather Pun 4
The brightest day of the week is Sun-day

Weather Pun 5
How did the hail stone describe it’s life?
It really has a lot of ups and downs

Funny Weather Sayings

Funny Weather Sayings 1
Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

Funny Weather Sayings 2
Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

Funny Weather Sayings 3
Weather is a great metaphor for life: sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella. Terri Guillemets

Funny Weather Sayings 4
The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.
Patrick Young

Funny Weather Sayings 5
A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
Carl Reiner

Funny Weather Sayings 6
When snow falls, nature listens.
Antoinette van Kleeff

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