Cold Weather Puns

Cold Weather Puns

I’m snow happy to present you with 15 of the funniest cold weather puns you’ll find on this webpage.

Cold Weather Pun 1
Cold winter weather is snow laughing matter!

Cold Weather Pun 2
For those of us who live in northern climates, winter is snow problem.

Cold Weather Pun 3
Why is winter the least popular time of year for a wedding?
Because the grooms always get cold feet!

Cold Weather Pun 4
What is the opposite of a cold front?
A warm back!

Cold Weather Pun 5
When someone wishes me a “Happy Winter,” it always leaves me cold.

Cold Weather Pun 6
What do you call a dollar bill frozen in ice?
Cold, hard cash!

Cold Weather Pun 7
How do you find Will Smith in a snowstorm?
Follow the fresh prints.

Cold Weather Pun 8
The weather forecast was for freezing rain, and sure enough it was an ice day.

Cold Weather Pun 9
What do you call a playlist with the songs “Jingle Bells,” “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and “Let it Snow” on it?
A wintry mix!

Cold Weather Pun 10
I’m trying to break the ice with you, but you keep giving me the cold shoulder.

Cold Weather Pun 11
What do you call a bunch of kids who spent all afternoon in the snow?

Cold Weather Pun 12
What did the snow plow guy say when his equipment broke down?
Take this job and shovel it!

Cold Weather Pun 13
Mother knows best, and when winter comes, Mother Nature snows best.

Cold Weather Pun 14
The snowstorm arrived at a fortuitous moment.
It was white on time.

Cold Weather Pun 15
What do you call it when it gets so cold that the cash machine won’t function?
A spending freeze!

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